Help on how to win money at horse racing

This is the same theory with 14/2. What happens in this situation is you divide 14 by 2 which is 7.

It’s as simple as that. So your winning will be 10euro. You multiply 5euro by 9 which is 45 and add your 5 you bet to get your 50euro.. So if you see a horse with odds 30/1, it means they are the furthest away from winning so bookies place high odds on them winning.

Understanding How Odds Work

When you see these odds 9/1 and 14/2 in relation to horse racing, do you know what they mean. If you bet 5 euro, you would get 50euro back. You bet 1euro so your winning will be 8euro.


Horse racing is like any other sport, as long as you have some idea of what is behind it and you know how to pick the best from the bunch you always have that chance that the horse you pick might be a winner.

When you see 9/1 odds on a horse it means that if you bet 1euro on the horse you will get 9euro plus the 1euro you bet back

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