Three Flucos win Three Straight TJYFL Championships and 22 Games

Three Flucos win Three Straight TJYFL Championships and 22 Games

“We have learned a lot from each other, and we have been able to tell our teammates what it takes to win the right way.”. “Even though Caleb will be far away, he’ll always be in our thoughts when we take the field. “We have learned the value of hard work and what it takes to be successful both on and off the field.”

“I don’t think it is an accident that the three of us have been on teams that have experienced so much success,” said Camden McDonald. You build self-esteem through repeated accomplishment over time.”

Three Flucos Earn Perfect Seasons Three Years in a Row

And that, my friends, is what competitive athletics are all about!

Dr. Winning together the right way has been a staple of these young men’s lives for the last three years. Perhaps former Virginia coach Al Groh said it best when he said, “You don’t build self-esteem through praise. Domecq and Grimes played together on two undefeated Fluvanna Parks and Recreation regular season and tournament championship basketball teams in 2008 and 2010. The trio just learned that their streak will come to an end before the next football season begins. “It’s a great feeling to work with your friends to accomplish a goal.”

These three young Flucos have joined forces in other arenas as well. I’ll always remember how hard we worked to be the best team we could be, and we have formed a friendship that I will never forget.”

Three 12U players from Fluvanna County have accomplished a feat that no NFL team has done in the history of the Super Bowl. Quarterback/linebacker Derek Domecq, running back/linebacker Caleb Grimes, and offensive/defensive lineman Camden McDonald who were all part of the 2010 Fluvanna Gold Team that won the TJYFL Governors Championship have now won twenty-two consecutive games along with three regular season and league championships.

“We all feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to play together for three years,” said Derek Domecq. McDonald joined both Domecq and Grimes on a regular season and tournament champion Fluvanna Youth Baseball team in 2009, and Domecq added another regular season baseball championship and a 10U Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken District V baseball championship in 2010.

“Coach Grimes always told us that our team was made up of our brothers, and it was our job to make sure that nothing bad ever happened to our brothers,” reflected DJ Domecq. Although no team has been able to defeat these young Flucos, Caleb’s dad Ricky, who coached the the two FCPR championship basketball teams and two of the three TJYFL championship teams, has taken a job in Charlotte, North Carolina.

All too often some adults minimize the importance of winning in youth sports. Greg Domecq

“I think that the discipline I have learned through athletics has helped me to be a better person and a better student in school,” said Caleb Grimes

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